Wednesday, February 7, 2018

How to use Distribution list to provide permission in SharePoint


It is very easy to manage the SharePoint permission via SharePoint groups instead granting the permissions to each and every person directly. SharePoint allows administrators or admin to create SharePoint groups, add/delete users under it and manage permissions. 

Security Groups

In order to manage or assign the SharePoint permissions to group of people, we do have option to create AD Security groups and grant permission in SharePoint sites. Security groups can be added to either SharePoint groups or can be granted with SharePoint permission directly. 

Distribution Groups or Lists

Similarly, another option we have to use Distribution group or Distribution lists. By default Distribution list is of type = distribution and being used as email entity. Distribution groups can not be use to manage permission in SharePoint. If you really want to use Distribution group or list to manage SharePoint permission, you need to change type = security.

How to use Distribution list to manage SharePoint permissions?
Update type attribute of Distribution list from Type = distribution to Type = security.

Only one challenge i saw for site owners, if they use Distribution groups for SharePoint permissions and also as an email entity. If any user deleted from AD but not cleared from Distribution group, then sending email to this Distribution group may not reach to all users as you may need to clear the deleted user from Distribution group.

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